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180 degree turnaround

Sakai, Osaka, Japan, the birthplace of 180 Degree, is the cradle of many world-class brands like SHIHAMO. It is also the origin place of Japanese bicycle industry that has brought all the best bicycle engineers and designers together from Japan.

Design Concept

The design concept of 180 Degree is being trendy and vintage at the same time, with the combination of the elements of “past” and “future”.

The DNA of 180 Degree

- Not only a bicycle but also an artwork
- 3 Triangle (The Golden Triangle) frame
- Flashback of memorable bicycles of the past
- Trendy appearance looking to the future

Story of 180 Degree LOGO

- The brand logo blends the eastern and western concept together.
- The medieval shield represents western classical.
- The vivid dragon represents eastern connotation.
- The compass signifies 180 degree’ s direction.
- The crown at the top shows regal demeanor,
- The surrounding olive leaves represents world peace,
- JAPAN SAKAI at the bottom means the birthplace of 180 Degree.

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