SAKAI, the cradle of Japanese bicycle industry, is the birthplace of 180 Degree. All the products have retained three characters: “User-friendly design, neoclassical beauty and high quality”.

The frame is made with CR-MO that is full of classic flavor. The special joint parts are not only for ensuring the strength, but also for adorning.

The “3-Triangle” Road Frame is very typical for the 180 Degree bicycles.

The frame with curved seat tube has used the “3-Triangle” Road Frame as basis.

The frame with oblique top tube makes it easy to ride while keeping the speed as fast as riding the road bicycle.

“3- Triangle” Flat – 1 Frame has 20’ wheels that makes it easy to stop & go, and so is very responsive.

SHIMANO is one of the most well-known brands in bicycle industry. It also comes from SAKAI, Japan.

STURMEY ARCHER is an old British brand with 100 years of history. It’s still quite popular on the European market.